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Our top choice for Children's Personalized books is...

Since 1980 Hefty Publishing Co. has been creating new and exciting personalized storybooks.

Education Through Personalization is FUN!!

Personalized Books

    Personalized Story Books

    Create-A-Book Personalized Chilren's Story Books - Your child is the star!

    The magical adventure of reading


    For our children, story time has been a family tradition that has brought fun and learning into our homes. Today's technology allows your child to become the star of the story!

    From the moment your child realizes the story is about him or her, the magical adventure begins. Each of our fine books will entertain and install a desire to read!


    Each Book is
    Personalized With:
    • Child's Name
    • Age
    • Hometown
    • 2-3 Friends
    • Dedication
    • Person Giving Book
    • Date of Gift
    • & More
    • Washable hard cover
    • Full-color picture pages
    • Professionally printed
    • Over 30 pages
Book Titles

Traditional Books�
Baby's Special Delivery
Baby's Create-A-Book�
Flooty Hobbs
Little One, Little One,
What do you see?
Mother Goose
McGruff and Me
My Birthday Surprise
My Birthday Wish
My Camping Adventure
My Christmas Wish
My Dinosaur Adventure
My First Day of School
My Fishing Adventure
My Tea Party
The Sports Book
The Sibling Book
The Big Circus
The Big Parade
The Train With No Name

Inspirational Books�
Let Us Thank God
The Store of Christmas
Gods Gift's To Me
My Book of Prayers
Santa's Story

Presto Sticker Books�
No More Diapers
Flooty Hobbs

Pop-Up Books�
Brush Your Teeth Please
The Snowman Smile
Magic Little Christmas Tree
Santa's Toy Shop
Santa's Sleigh Ride


Our top choice for teaching your child how to read is...

Flipping for Phonics

Phonics reading toolPhonics activityPlaying is fun and reading should be fun too. Your child will enjoy learning to read with this interactive teaching tool that will help you teach your child how to read using the age old proven phonics method.

This hands-on flip book allows your child to really understand in a tangible way that words are formed one sound at a time.

The colorful graphics and fun flips make it a delight and a treasure hunt for children. They will readily be rewarded for almost any effort and there are no loose pieces to get lost.

To find out more, click here.

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